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nocand [command] <options>


The commands are:

nocand help <command>
    - Provide detailed help about a command
nocand power-on [options]
    - Power on the NoCAN network and stop
nocand power-off [options]
    - Power off the NoCAN network and stop
nocand server [options]
    - Launch the NoCAN network manager and event server
nocand version
    - display the version

The following options are recognized by nocand:

  -current-limit uint
        Current limit level (1 to 4095, default=0 -> don't change)
        Reset driver at startup (default: true).
  -log-level uint
        Log level (0=all, 1=debug and more, 2=info and more, 3=warnings and errors, 4=errors only, 5=nothing)
  -power-monitoring-interval uint
        CAN bus power monitoring interval in seconds (default: 10, disable with 0). 
        Power bus after reset (default true)
  -spi-speed uint
        SPI communication speed in bits per second (use with caution). (default 250000)
        Halt after reset, initialization, without launching server

Most options can be specified in a configuration file named config, stored in the subdirectory .nocand/ of the user's home directory (i.e. ~/.nocand/config).

In addition to the command line options, the configuration file should contain the server's authentication token, e.g.:

AuthToken = "qwerty"