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nocanc command [options]

Note: on MS-Windows, the executable is called nocanc.exe.


Valid commands are 'monitor', 'publish', 'list-channels', 'list-nodes', 'download-firmware'  and 'upload-firmware'
  monitor [options]                          - Monitor all events
  monitor [options] <eid1> <eid2> ...        - Monitor selected event by eid
  publish [options] <channel_name> <value>   - Publish <value> to <channel_name>
  read-channel [options] <channel_name>      - Read the content of a channel
  list-channels [options]                    - List all channels
  list-nodes [options]                       - List all nodes
  upload [options] <filename> <node_id>      - Upload firmware to node
  download [options] <filename> <node_id>    - Download firmware from node
  reboot [options] <node_id>                 - Reboot node

  [options] include:
    -event-server <server_address>           - Sever address
                                               (default localhost:4242)
    -auth-token <auth key value>               - Server authentication key

Options can be specified in a configuration file:

  • For Linux/Mac OS X users, this file will be ~/.nocanc.conf
  • For MS-Windows users, this file will be %userprofile%\_nocanc.conf

For example:

EventServer = ":4242"
AuthToken = "qwerty"